Friday, January 2, 2009

Mother Daughter Day

I spent a part of they day with my Mom today. First we went to Target to check out the color of the crib I have been eyeing online. Of course that led to a tour through the entire baby department, with me pointing out my current selections of things I plan on using. Granted, her last experience with raising a newborn was over 30 years ago, but some advice still holds true to this day.

Next it was over to Joann Fabrics to pick out fabric for a quilt I am making her for her birthday. We also spent a few minutes looking at baby patterns and I checked out the terry cloth. It is thicker than I thought and it should be easy and cheap to make a selection of hooded baby towels to solve my earlier dilemma.

Finally, we spent time going through pictures, looking for ones that would work for our profile. I came home with way more than we need and I have not even gone through what I have on hand or the Husband's childhood pics. My plan is to pick what I like and then have friends help me narrow it down.

On the way home I called the Husband's sister, K, and asked her to email me some recent pics of her hubby and my niece on a recent trip. I also asked her about doing a referral letter for us. She of course agreed and I will email her the instructions so she can get started.

Not too shabby on the accomplishment front considering I have only been awake for 7 hours so far today.

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