Monday, March 23, 2009

Quilt Along Ingredients

This is for anyone who decides to do the quilt-along with Danielle and I. We have decided to do the whirlygig quilt. This is the first one I did and it was quick and fun to sew by hand.

I have broken the list down for those who will hand sew and those who will use a machine. The fabric requirements are the same for both, but the tools are a little different.

Fabric: You will need at least one main color and one background color. You can do multiple main colors and alternate them like in the quilt pictured above. The quilt will be made of 36 7" blocks and will be about 42" x 42" when we are done. The number 36 is very versatile and can easily be divided by 2,3,4 and 6 different fabrics.

Background fabric - 1 yard. This would be the white in the above photo.

Whirlygig fabrics:

1 fabric - 1 yard
2 fabrics - 5/8 yard of each
3 fabrics - 1/2 yard of each
4 fabrics - 1/3 yard of each
6 fabrics - 1/3 yard of each (you will have a bit left over)

Batting - 45"x45" piece. I use warm and natural or warm and white. This is available at most fabric stores, such as Joanne's and comes either on the roll (you will need to buy 1 1/4 yards and will have enough for another quilt), or you can buy it prepackaged in the 45" x 60" size and can just cut it down to size.

Backing - can be any cotton fabric. I usually use solids or scraps left over from the front of the quilt. You will need 1 1/4 yards.

Binding - again, any cotton fabric that coordinates with your chosen fabrics. You will need 1/3 yard.


Hand sewing -

Needles (I like quilting sharps)

Thread (Unless working with a really dark fabric, I usually just use off white. Don't get the cheap walmart stuff or any off brand. Coats and Clark is inexpensive and works well. I usually use all purpose or machine quilting.

Thimble (for the quilting)

Mechanical pencil (or chalk pencil for darker fabrics)

Decent scissors

Template plastic or thin, sturdy cardboard


Safety pins

Machine Sewing -

Sewing Machine


Thread (Unless working with a really dark fabric, I usually just use off white. Don't get the cheap walmart stuff or any off brand. Coats and Clark is inexpensive and works well. I usually use all purpose or machine quilting.

Decent scissors

Quilter's Ruler- The 6" x 24" size is a great size for most quilting projects.

Rotary Cutter

Self Healing Cutting Mat - doesn't need to be too huge, but a decent size to work with your fabric

Safety Pins

Once you have gathered your supplies and fabric you can wash and iron your fabric or just iron. Either way is fine, but be consistent. Don't wash some and not the rest or you may have shrinking issues once the quilt is done. I personally wash my fabrics but not my batting. This way I get the old fashioned crinkly look when I wash the finished quilt.

Next up is cutting your fabrics and getting started.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mountain Baby Blankets

A few weeks (months ago) Diane Sawyer did a special on Appalachia. I did not watch this as knocked up 13 year olds and meth heads popping out kids they can't/won't raise properly is just not going to improve my mood, but I do feel for the innocent children born into this life. The ones too young to make a choice and get the hell out of this community.

Apparently among the many other concerns, lack of blankets make staying warm a challenge. That breaks my heart. Cold, hungry babies make me sad. And Rachel of Rachel Cox Designs is doing something about it. Actually, she is enlisting lots of people to do something about it.

This post is her discussing the show and brainstorming about her idea. This post is her decision based on her responses and some info for getting started.

I have been planning to make several simple quilts for the project. When she announced there is no time limit I planned even more. Then I started thinking about people who may not read craft blogs. That is unless they are tricked into it by it being cleverly disguised as an adoption/infertility blog. These are people who will probably have the same conflicted emotions as me (but maybe not so judgy, because I tent to get a bit judgy about the whole thing). I bet a bunch of those people know how to sew. I bet a few more would like to learn or would be willing to in an effort to help with such a great project.

I am reaching out to those people. I was thinking a really simple quilt along. We would do it together. I could have instructions for people who want to use a machine or those who don't have a sewing machine and would like to try it by hand (it's really not that bad and it's a relaxing thing to do while watching TV).

They would not be huge quilts. They won't be expensive. They won't be hard and I will be available to help anyone who gets stuck or has questions. If anyone is interested I will post some pics of easy quilts and we can decide on what we would like to do. Then I will post a list of supplies (many you will already have on hand, even if you are not a quilter) and we can get started.

Any takers?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Show and Tell

This is my first ever show and tell so be gentle. Also go and check out all the other cool things people are showing and telling about.

These are the kids purses I have been making. They are actually just mini versions of my diaper bags, without all the fancy pockets. They are almost as much trouble as the big bags, but soooo cute and little girls love them.

The purple flowers and the pink jacks were actually used by a co-worker as mini diaper bags for 2 soon to be big sisters. She didn't want them to feel left out during the baby shower festivities. She stuffed them with a few newborn diapers, a bib and a few other odds and ends. They can be used as purses once the new baby obsession wears off. The cherry purse if for my partner's little girl, M. I needed something to balance out the tooth fairy pillow for her little brother.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Here are the tooth fairy pillows I have been making. So far all the kids have loved them. I am giving a custom pillow away in my first ever drawing.

Here's how it works. You can earn one entry for each of the following things;

Leave me a comment on this post
Blog about this drawing
Twitter about this drawing

Just let me know what you did to enter (except for the comments on this post, because I can see those) by dropping me an email at

Entry deadline is 10 PM ET on Friday, March 13, 2009.

Once the winner is selected, they will be contacted regarding desired name and fabric choices.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Did It

I had to. I bought the Shark Steam Mop.

Is anyone familiar with Kohls? They have been around a while, but the Husband and I had never been in one until about 6 months ago. Now we are addicted. They are a mid-range department store that has crazy good sales, and if you have a Kohls charge card (we normally don't do store charge cards, but the special discounts were too good to pass up)you get special coupons and discounts if you use your Kohl's card.

The discounts are a scratch off kinda deal and you usually have the chance of getting either 15%, 20% or 30% off. I rarely get about 15% and never thought I would see a 30%, but there it was in the mail the other day.

So yesterday I head to the store with my coupon in my hot little hand and scored some major deals. The best was the Steam Mop. Normally $99.99. On sale for $79.99. With my coupon it was $56. Way better than the $80 it was at Walmart.

I also scored a bathroom rug for like $4 and a pair of sterling silver earrings for about $5 (they were 60% off and then my coupon).

So I used it last night and it's pretty cool. I am ashamed at how nasty the pads were when I was done.

The reviews said the cord was in the way and that the handle was flimsy. I thought the handle seemed very sturdy and the handle has 2 cord holder things that you use to get the cord up and out of the way. Maybe they have made improvements, or maybe the people writing the reviews are morons, but either way, no complaints here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Felt Food Obsession

This is my current obsession during the down time at work. I have been making them for my co-worker J's kids and also for my friend M's son. I am having so much fun that I might have to put some on my Esty site. I really need to put something on there.

Here are the breakfast items I have so far. Pancakes with removable syrup and butter pats and an omelet are also in the works.

Here is the sushi roll and a few random strawberries. Just some odds and ends that will have coordinating items soon. You can't really tell in this photo, but there is a pink blob above the green and orange blobs.

This is a selection of cookies. Lots of sweet ideas floating in my head right now.

Here is a set of chicken nuggets complete with ketchup and BBQ sauce for dipping. There will be crinkle fries and apple slices coming soon to complete this set.

Now I am off to finish my pasta sauce to go with the ravioli and bow tie pasta set.