Monday, March 16, 2009

Mountain Baby Blankets

A few weeks (months ago) Diane Sawyer did a special on Appalachia. I did not watch this as knocked up 13 year olds and meth heads popping out kids they can't/won't raise properly is just not going to improve my mood, but I do feel for the innocent children born into this life. The ones too young to make a choice and get the hell out of this community.

Apparently among the many other concerns, lack of blankets make staying warm a challenge. That breaks my heart. Cold, hungry babies make me sad. And Rachel of Rachel Cox Designs is doing something about it. Actually, she is enlisting lots of people to do something about it.

This post is her discussing the show and brainstorming about her idea. This post is her decision based on her responses and some info for getting started.

I have been planning to make several simple quilts for the project. When she announced there is no time limit I planned even more. Then I started thinking about people who may not read craft blogs. That is unless they are tricked into it by it being cleverly disguised as an adoption/infertility blog. These are people who will probably have the same conflicted emotions as me (but maybe not so judgy, because I tent to get a bit judgy about the whole thing). I bet a bunch of those people know how to sew. I bet a few more would like to learn or would be willing to in an effort to help with such a great project.

I am reaching out to those people. I was thinking a really simple quilt along. We would do it together. I could have instructions for people who want to use a machine or those who don't have a sewing machine and would like to try it by hand (it's really not that bad and it's a relaxing thing to do while watching TV).

They would not be huge quilts. They won't be expensive. They won't be hard and I will be available to help anyone who gets stuck or has questions. If anyone is interested I will post some pics of easy quilts and we can decide on what we would like to do. Then I will post a list of supplies (many you will already have on hand, even if you are not a quilter) and we can get started.

Any takers?


Kristin said...

I do quilt and I could be persuaded to make some eventually but it will have to wait because I have tons of crafty commitments right now.

Beautiful Mess said...

I dunno...but for some reason SOME part of me thinks I can do this. I'm putting ALL the blame on YOU and Kristin. Have you been to her new site? Go, I think you'll really like it. me with some ideas and I'll give it shot. I can't promise you anything, but I can promise you I'll try. Will that work?

Mike and Kim said...

Hi. I found your blog from your sig link on I've only just started reading these quilting posts but I think I can do this! I don't have a machine but since you broke it down so nicely I think I wanna try. I've been crocheting for so long...I've always wanted to quilt.