Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still waiting

Today is day 28. I still have not started. I am pretty sure I am not pregnant, but there is still a little tiny ray of hope.

On Thursday I was told by my lovely co-workers/friends, Mary and Tiffany, that I was glowing. They are convinced I am pregnant. I was probably just sweaty from hauling heavy boxes of candles in the pathetic excuse for winter we have had in Orlando this year.

I told them that it was still way too early to know. I am sure I could take a pricey EPT and get a fairly accurate answer, but I am more of a Dollar Tree test kind of gal.

I don't have my hopes up too high, so I haven't been thinking about it too much. Only like 539 times an hour.

They managed to convince me to test on Saturday at work if no period by then. What the heck. Sure, it will only be day 27 and I probably only ovulated about a week ago, but it's only a dollar and it shuts them up.

Problem was that I told Kim (another co-worker/friend) about the plan on Friday at work and she came back from her break with 2 tests from Dollar Tree.

I grabbed a plastic cup and my cell phone to time the test and locked myself in the bathroom. Three long minutes later I got negative results. I wasn't upset. I had expected it. Even if I was pregnant, it was still only day 26 and it probably wouldn't show up. No big deal.

When I checked my voice mail on the way home there was a message from my Doctor telling me that my progesterone was wonderful on the day 22 test. She went over the plan we had discussed before, but she mentioned trying insemination next month. I was under the impression we were going to try a double dose of Femara and timed intercourse for a few more months. I need to call her tomorrow to clarify the plan. Good news is the Femara seemed to do the job, just not as well as we had hoped. The higher dosage should correct that.

Saturday morning I had some light, pre-period type cramps. They only lasted for a few minutes and no more the rest of the day or today. Today is day 28 and not a spot in sight. In fact, the only spotting I had this month was a tiny little pink bit on day 23 and another bit of dark red, older blood in the mucus on day 24. Implantation spotting maybe? I had that with my first pregnancy.

Today I told the Husband that I would take the other test before I go to work on Monday evening if no period by then. Then I got myself all curious while talking to my Mom this evening and took the other test as soon as I hung up. Negative again.

I was not upset or shocked. I am trying the whole "no stress" approach. Besides, it is only the first month and I really didn't expect to get that lucky.

Of course the Husband managed to get my hopes up again by mentioning that I probably ovulated later than day 14 and it might still be too early to test. I figure I can hold out another 2 days with no period before I am going to need to pee on something.

Updates as they come.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ultrasound Update

I had an ultrasound done on Friday (day 12) to see how well my ovaries responded to the Femara. Not so great actually.

I had follicles, just not as many as we hoped for and most were underachievers. I did have 1 decent size follicle on each ovary.

There is hope. My Dr. said she would not tell me it couldn't happen since she just had a patient in the exact same situation who she told it was not going to happen and it did. We are doing timed intercourse for the next week or so. I go in on cycle day 21 to have some more blood work. They are checking the progesterone to see how well I ovulated. I should know more then.

If it doesn't work this month then we will double to the dosage of Femara for next month and try again. If this doesn't work then we might need to look into insemination with a trigger shot. If that doesn't work after 3 tries then she will want to do a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. I really don't think it will get that far. I ovulate on my own and have gotten pregnant twice before. I can do that part with relative ease. I just really need help staying pregnant once I get that way.

More updates as they come.