Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally Finished

I promise this won't become a craft blog, but I have realized that if I only blog about adoption and babies that this is going to become a very slow blog. Crafting is a huge part of my life and since this blog is about adoption and our life, then crafts will naturally be a part of it.

This is the quilt I made for my Mother-in-law for Christmas. We are going over tonight to give it to her. It has actually been done for about a week now, but still way past the Christmas deadline. I have a habit of doing that. Assuming that I can get something done by a certain day and failing to take into account the rest of my life needing attention. That is the reason my Mom's quilt will also be late. Luckily, close family and friends know me and kind of expect it. The best of intentions and all.

This is the back of the quilt. I have always wanted to try a pieced back but never did. This time I realized that my back piece would be bigger than the width of the fabric I used on the front. If I was smart I would have bought the extra wide quilt backing material they sell and use it for the front parts too, but I always forget. Luckily I had extra bits of the fabric used to make the stars and was able to piece this together in a pretty cool fashion. I really like it and hopefully she will too.

The fabric used for the stars is from a jelly roll type thing they recently started carrying at Jo-Anns. It had 18 strips, with two strips of each of nine different fabrics that all coordinated. The strips were 2.5" x 44". I had to buy extra from the bolt (they had some of the fabrics from the collection on the bolt and they also had fat quarters and charm packs from the same collection)for the binding.

They had 2 different fabric collections and they seem to have sold well, so I am hoping they will continue to carry this type of packaging option.

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It's absolutely beautiful!