Monday, January 5, 2009

Why do the Baby Furniture Making People Hate Me?

As discussed in my previous post, adoption is expensive. That will be a recurring theme on this blog. Just thought you should know.

Due to the fact that it is so friggen expensive, we have been looking at ways of making our money count when it comes to baby stuff. We have to buy a crib. I am sure the Social Worker would be a bit hesitant to sign off on us if she thought we had plans to make the child sleep in a drawer. Cribs can be cheap, but they can also be a bit less cheap (but still not expensive) and be multi-taskers. I like the ones that convert from crib to toddler bed to day bed to full size bed, because frankly, I doubt a 13 year old boy would be too happy if forced to sleep in a pretty day bed.

We like the look of dark wood and would like to go with either black or espresso. We feel that those colors would grow with the child and would work for either a boy or girl.

So I researched. I found this crib in either ebony or espresso. Not a bad price and they have coordinating dressers that are the right height to serve as changing tables with the addition of a changing pad. But the reviews showed the dressers were kind of small (not so good when they get older and the clothes get bigger) and they were kind of pricey for the quality.

So then I looked at this crib and was impressed by the price and reviews. Then I tried to find a matching dresser. This is the only dresser that Graco makes in espresso. It's kind of froofy. Does it look like something a boy would want once he gets out of diapers? Too girly? It also looks kind of small in that picture. Of course they don't have one in the store to see in real life.

We have a great dresser in natural pine that could easily be stained or painted to match, but I doubt we could get the color right. Who knows. That may be the way we go. We could always paint some sample pine and take it to the store to check it against the Graco version of espresso. If we can get close enough it might have to do. I really don't want to get rid of that dresser and there is no where else to store it once the room becomes the nursery.

So I guess my only complaint is that they suck you in with cute, affordable, magically transforming cribs and sock it to you with the dressers.

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