Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Last night at work my co-worker, J, announced she had some baby stuff for me. When we walked out to her car this morning after our shift was over, she handed me 2 huge bags stuffed full of baby stuff that she was giving me.

In addition to about 20 blankets in mostly neutral colors, she also gave me a brand new, still in the box, grocery cart cover that also works as an interactive play mat. Very cute and probably expensive. I also have a brand new delicates bag for washing tiny baby clothing, a bath seat for when the baby gets older and can sit up, a cute little ducky bath mitt (also brand new) and a sweet photo album with ducks on it, still wrapped in the plastic it came in.

Very nice and I am extremely grateful. It's so nice to have wonderful friends who are supporting us with our adoption process.


Beautiful Mess said...

*new reader* That's so great that your friend and co-worker totally spoiled you! I've been on both sides of that and it feels just as good to receive as it is to give :o) Also I wanted to give you a suggestion on something in regards to your fabric. It is adorable and if you have fabric left over of your favorite print, make a tooth fairy bag! Just sew a drawstring pouch with a ribbon as a closure. It works really well and by the time they are old enough to lose their teeth, they'll be out of the diaper bag *hopefully* and you can still use the fabric that yo like so much. hope you don't mind the suggestion.
Enjoy your day!

Third times a charm said...

That is a wonderful suggestion. It's funny that you mentioned it because a friend's little girl just lost her first tooth the other day and she had a heck of a time finding it to replace with the money because her 4 year old decided to play with it in bed rather than just leave it under the pillow. I found a cute pattern for a tooth shaped pillow that I was going to make for her daughter and son. It has a little patch pocket (perfect use for the fabric) and I am going to embroider their names on it.