Monday, January 5, 2009

Why I Love My Friend M

There are lots of reasons really to love my friend M, but the most recent reason is a big one.

You see, this whole adoption thing is pricey. I have always dreamed of buying everything brand new and in the perfect color to coordinate with everything else. Adoption has thrown a wrench into that plan in a few ways.

One way is that we don't have a due date like we would with a pregnancy of our own. No time frame to be ready by. It could be a week after we sign, it could be a year. This also means no season to judge clothing needs by. And while knowing the sex of they baby is not a guarantee ever, odds were high that we would have had some advance notice. I am high risk for pregnancy due to our history so that usually means more scans and we were also planning on the fancy 3D/4D scan just because it is amazing and cool and not really that expensive for such a clear first look at the baby.

The other reason is that this is very expensive. We are not super rich. We are normal and there has been a big change of lifestyle happening here lately to help save extra so that we can afford to send this kid to college one day. We have to make some concessions and M has been a huge help in this.

M's son just turned two and has long outgrown all his baby stuff. In her garage, neatly packed away, are a car seat/stroller combo, play yard, gym mat, high chair, bouncy seat, swing, walker, bumbo seat and a ton of other items that are pretty pricey and only get used for a few months. She has offered everything to us to use. I can't even begin to express how wonderful this is. I think I am going to go through my lists and based on the price of the selections I made, see how much this will save us. It's going to be a big amount.

The only thing out of the list of items she is loaning us that I intend to buy myself is our own car seat/stroller combo. This gets a lot of wear and tear and I would hate to hand it back to her in less than perfect condition. This is also something that gets a lot of use and for quite a while, so not a waste of money just for a few months of use. I do intend to have her car seat on hand though, in case of a quick placement. I have a set picked out, but don't want to order now because not only do I not want to stare at a stroller if the wait turns out to be long (talk about depressing), but I am fickle and have been known to fall out of love with a pattern as quick as I fell in love.

All of M's stuff is neutral, even though little M is a boy. I would have picked it all out myself to be honest. Lots of green which is our favorite color. I just want to hug her every time I think about what she is doing for us.

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