Friday, January 9, 2009

The Things People Google

I was checking out my blog stats today and I was looking at the different ways people are finding my blog. I always enjoy seeing what Google search led someone to my little blog and today was the best.

First, some poor soul did a search for "dishwasher basket" and stumbled upon my crazed ranting and pictures of the first adoption purchase. I hope that they took time to read the comments and see the helpful tip about my choice being a little on the small side.

The second one I found was the best ever for me. It will probably not get any better. I still can't figure out how my blog came up for this, but here is what was typed in the Google search bar. "can u get pregnant if the guy already came 2 times and came in me the third time."

Now, I can only assume that it's because of the mention of third time, but I was the fifth choice on the results page. Really, that was the best Google could do for this poor girl? The worst is that the post they show a bit of is about the fabric for my diaper bag and includes descriptions of quilting items at the end. She must have been really confused and disappointed when she clicked that link.

Well, that was my laugh for the day.


Anonymous said...

Oh man I love and hate seeing those stats. I love seeing things like "baby name drama" link to me...he he and say "awwww...:(" when I see searches like "failed domestic adoption" but I just feel icky with the "bo*obs coming out of clo*th" because I had a post way back called "bo*obs and clo*th" (I altered it with *s here so you won't get the same Pakistani pervs; yes, these searches always come from the Middle East/India part of the world. :P

Third times a charm said...

I guess I don't say the right things because I don't seem to get the pervs. Maybe I need to step up my game. Most of my serch hits seem to come from people researching FMLA and adoption. I briefly mentioned it in a post.