Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Physical

I had my adoption physical yesterday. It went well, but they are closed from today until Monday for the holidays so I was not able to get my TB test since it has to be read at 48 hours after the test. I am going back Monday afternoon and will go back on Wednesday afternoon to get it read. The Husband has his physical on Wednesday and has to go back Friday afternoon to get his test read.

I got my Moral Conduct thingy notarized before my appointment and the Husband will be getting his done in the next few days. We plan on turning in those forms along with our physicals when we turn in our application and payment for the home study.

I have to get with our references this weekend and get them started on their letters. I kind of feel bad that they have to take time to not only write the letter but get it notarized and all this formality. It doesn't seem fair that not only do we have to do so much to start our family, but now our family and friends have to jump through hoops too. Well enough whining.

I bought the first baby item since we started our adoption process. Sure we have a box full of baby stuff from previous pregnancies and things we picked up on sale during our many years of trying, but this is the first thing I bought specifically with this adoption in mind.

You would think it would be something really spectacular or significant. Maybe it would have a lot of sentimental value. Or maybe it would be something from the "have to have on hand in case of a stork drop" list. No, it was none of those things. It's a dishwasher basket for baby stuff. I bought the white one with orange accents. I like orange and it fits boy or girl.

I have spent hours browsing the baby aisles of Walmart and Target (Babies R Us is about 40 minutes away and my friend M and I are planning a trip together so that she can give me advice.) and I am having a really hard time finding things that are on my immediate needs list that are gender neutral and still something I would like. I know that I only want the very minimum in gender neutral stuff. I actually selected gender neutral for the gear like car seats, strollers, swings and play yards, but for the little things like blankets and pacifiers I want it to be girly or boyish. I don't mind a little green and yellow, but I don't want completely non-specific stuff.

I am hoping that our trip to Babies R Us will yield better results.

In the mean time, if anyone is out there reading this, I could really use some advice on a couple of things. First, where can I get baby towels that don't cost more than good quality adult towels. I don't care if it has a cute appliqued frog on it, I just want it to dry my baby and be small and thin enough to wrap the kid in but still be absorbent.

The second question is where can I find an old fashioned diaper pail that doesn't cost $50. I don't want the fancy type that wraps each individual diaper in a plastic bag. Just a plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid. And if it had a foot pedal then that's even better. I have considered a trash can, but don't know it that would work or not. I really don't want the smell to escape when the lid is closed. From looking online and in the stores at Walmart and Target I am having no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

More updates soon.

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