Thursday, December 11, 2008

Killing Time

We are signed up for the Adoption Agency class that they offer to potential clients. The class is next week and I am hoping to have even more of our million and one questions answered. It is limited to only 4-5 couples, so we should have plenty of time to ask questions related to our particular circumstances.

I have spent the last week browsing the online baby sections of popular superstores and reading adoption blogs. I have also made list after list of things we will need to have on hand in case of a "baby born" situation as the pros like to call it.

I just spent 30 minutes researching pacifier clips. It's a sickness I tell you.

I will be so glad to get started on the home study. I am hesitant to schedule appointments for our physicals until I find out exactly what they expect from the Dr. Fingerprinting is one of the first things we will do once we find out how they want it done. Our documents are in order and ready for inspection. The house is a work in progress. We moved in just over a year ago, but we have been slow to decide on colors for the walls and this has held up everything else as a result. It is a brand new home and is definitely livable, just not as completely decorated as I would like.

I have been giving friends and family a heads up about potential help we will need from them in the form of recommendation letters and pictures for our profile. I need to get a new picture of the front of our house now that the landscaping has matured a little. Sounds like a good project for tomorrow.

The Husband just found out he will be starting a new job at the beginning of the year. It is a good move for him career wise in regards to stability and benefits. It will take away from his extreme flexibility in a way, but he will most likely be well past his six month probationary period and have lots of sick and vacation time banked by the time we need it, so no worries there.

My real concern is the fact that we both changed jobs within 4 months of (hopefully) being put on the waiting list and have moved twice in 2 years. It is easily explainable as we moved here from out of state and rented for the first year so that we could take our time finding the perfect house. Once we built the house, we had moved away from the area we originally lived and worked in, so we have both made career changes based on this fact. The area we now live and work in is a wonderful area to raise a family and has a great school system and a low crime rate. I just need to figure out how to explain this in our profile so we don't come across as unstable.

Well, more updates soon.

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