Monday, December 29, 2008


I am so excited to finally get started on the paperwork for the home study. I know I will probably change my tune by the time we are done, but right now it feels like we are accomplishing something to get us closer to our baby.

I called the agency to figure out how to get this process started. Turns out it is very easy. The Husband will be dropping off our application (already filled out and ready to go) along with our affidavits of good moral character and our fees for the application and the home study. They will mail our home study packet to us within two days so we can start filling out the questionnaire.

I asked a few questions about what to expect with the home study since the experiences I have read online have varied so widely. We are using their social worker and I was told to expect one visit where she will tour our house making sure it is suitable for living in and go over our answers to the questionnaire with us. She told us we do not need a nursery already set up or covers on the outlets and baby locks on the cabinets.

She also emailed me the forms for the Physician's report. I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow and will get mine filled out. I will make an appointment for DH once I talk to him about his schedule.

The final form she emailed was the personal reference form. I have already selected who will be doing these. We are required to have 5 references and one can be family. I plan to end up with a few extra since we both want to use our brothers and I have two friends who are very close and will be offended if they don't get to participate and the other does. Better to have too many people who are willing to help you out than too few.

Well, hopefully I will have more exciting updates soon.

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