Monday, December 1, 2008

And On To The Next Phase

So we are not pregnant. I kinda new deep down inside, but waited for the proof before totally giving up hope.

We are sticking to our guns about not continuing with the fertility treatments. We are ready to move onto adoption.

So ready, in fact, that I spent hours researching agencies. I narrowed it down to six choices and made calls and grilled them about everything I could think of. That narrowed it down to two choices and when the packets started coming in, the choice was made.

Funny thing is that the first agency I called was the one we have selected. They were professional and friendly. Their stats and wait times are believable and their prices are right in line with what I had expected after my research. They were honest about potential roadblocks.

I called this morning and secured our spot for the December orientation. In about two weeks we will spend four hours asking every question we can think of and soaking up all the information they can give us.

I am prepping for the homestudy now. I have emergency phone number lists to laminate and post by the phone, birth certificates and marriage licenses to pull, Doctors appointments for physicals to schedule and so much more.

We also need to fill out our packet and start thinking about our profile. So much research.

We are so excited to think that we could be parents soon. I promise to do better about updates. At least now I will have things to say.

Now off to figure out how to change the little description thingy in my title bar.

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