Monday, October 1, 2007

Green Light

Today I got off work at 12 due to a switch with a co-worker. I decided to use my free time to run errands. One of those errands was dropping by the Dr's office to get my blood work results. My iron levels are normal. I have achieved normal iron levels. This is great news. We can try this month. Nothing is holding us back for the first time in years. It's like a tiny miracle. To celebrate this miracle, my body has decided to have my period visit me 2 days early for the last 2 cycles. Cause O'ing on day 17/18 wouldn't screw me enough, now I have 26 day cycles.

To be fair to my body (who has been nothing but hateful to me), this has happened before. The most recent time was during our move last October. I had a really long cycle and then a couple of shorter than normal cycles. I think the stress of an out-of-state move and job change could have been the cause. The current stress is a month of night shift thrown into my usual day shift life. The switch to nights and then back to days happened right at the start of both offending cycles so I will assume this is the problem and not stress.

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Future Mommy said...

Woo hoo for normal iron levels! Isn't it great when something actually falls into place the way its supposed to??? I'll keep my fingers crossed that your levels normalizing lead to good things for your TTC journey!!