Monday, October 22, 2007

Update on the Husband

The Husband went back to the urologist and had a nice convo with him regarding "the thing". This appointment was much better than the last. The Dr. was not so rushed and while he still could not give the Husband much in the way of what he thought it might be, he was still very reassuring that it was probably nothing serious.

He also assured the Husband that it was no where near any essential baby-making areas and was at no risk of damaging anything important. Possibly freaked out by the Husband's many questions regarding the fertility damage potential, he ordered a semen analysis for him for before and after the procedure. I guess he wants to cover his butt. That is fine with us since the Husband has not had one in 6 years and since he ordered it as part of the treatment for "the thing" it is covered under our insurance.

The Husband did the first test the other day and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. He claims he is not worried, but I am a bit. I know they will send it off for testing, but I am hoping the Dr. will tell us what he visually diagnoses it as after the procedure tomorrow. It will be very comforting to hear benign cyst, which is what we are hoping it is.

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