Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why won't they just return the call?

Okay, so I'm not pregnant and I need to refill my Femara rx. I started my cycle on Friday and was busy so I didn't get a chance to call the Dr's office to ask them to call it in to my pharmacy. Shouldn't be a problem since I don't need to start taking it until Tuesday night.

I call them first thing Monday morning. I leave a very detailed message about who I am and what I need and that I need it soon. They don't call back. So I call again Tuesday morning. I tell the receptionist my issue. I always leave messages and they never call back. She transfers me to another person's voicemail. This one has a message promising a call back by the end of the day. At 4:43 P.M. I place another call stating that I need the meds now and I know they are getting ready to close. After another 10 minutes on hold, I finally get a nurse who promises to call it in. I really could have saved myself a lot of trouble and just called in 5 minutes before they closed.

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