Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

But there is just not much to post right now. We did another Femara cycle and today is day 19. We leave for vacation this friday and I should know if I am knocked up or not by the time we get back. Yes, I am packing pregnancy tests in my suitcase.

I actually had a really good month with the Femara. No side effects at all.

Of course several days after the drug was totally out of my system I started feeling that achey feeling I have had several times with the Rx. Turned out to be some weird bug. I was fine that morning, started feeling horrible after a few hours at work. Left early with a fever, chills and the feeling that I had been hit by a semi.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping with the exception of a small break to whine until the Husband cooked me chicken and dumplings. It was pretty good chicken and dumplings too, but it would have been better if he didn't have to wake me up every step of the process to ask what to do next.

My fever broke around 3:30 the next morning and I have been fine since.

We are waiting for the rain and winds from the Hurricane/Tropical Storm hitting the area. We don't expect too much from it, but it's best to be prepared.

All in all it has been a pretty boring month and I am looking forward to vacation and coming back here with good news.

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