Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another good Pap. We are now back on the trying horse, or at least we will be when I start my next cycle. It feels like it could be any day now.

I was starting to think I might be pregnant this month. My breasts have been very sore. At first I chalked it up to the particularly rough breast exam from the evil substitute GYN, but she didn't leave actual bruises, so that can't be it. I have also been having headaches (not something I have problems with very often) in the evenings, and last night I was nauseous. I had some spotting (very light and brown as in old blood) the other day, but nothing since. I could be but I kind of doubt it because I have been having that "it's coming any minute" feeling on and off all day. We shall see. I'm just glad it's not another 20 day cycle.

The Husband and I have decided to do another Femara cycle and then move onto insemination if we don't get lucky this time. Not much to post until then.


Future Mommy said...

Come back and post soon if AF came or not. Remember, I'd totally given up on my cycle that turned out to be Bunny - I didn't have a positive test until 2 days after AF was due and I really, really thought she was coming.

Third times a charm said...

Thanks, but it is not to be this month. How have you been doing? You had me worried when you didn't blog for a while. Good to see you back on the net.