Monday, April 27, 2009

Warning..There Will Be Cursing


Read this

Seriously, what sort of pathetic fucktard would have a blog with the sole mission of bashing people they don't agree with? Someone needs to make some real life friends. I contemplated posting a comment, but I really don't think the friendless reject would allow my comment to stay.

You know what Jasper, I am willing to bet you have or will have plenty of children. Because worthless twats like you are always able to breed. The world is full of dull eyed, slack jawed morons who should have been taken care of by natural selection. Only we, as a planet, have become so consumed with being politically correct that we are no longer allowed to just let nature takes it course and let dumbfucks like you die the horrible death you are due. People like you are the reason we have to put warning labels on everything to be sure that some inbred doesn't drink the bleach or stick his head under the running lawn mower. Well Jasper, drink up.

I am guessing by your name that you are what would pass for a man, no matter how pathetic the actual organ really is (and just guessing based on the fact that you are a contributor for the Takedown, it must be really tiny). So how would you know the longing to be a mother? You can't. Just like I can't know the longing of having a dick big enough to use on a real live woman. That must be really hard on you, you tiny peckered little bitch. You should be grateful for ART so that you can reproduce.

And now I am done. I have sunk to your level and got it off my chest. With the exception of the losers who actually read the takedown, I feel safe that the rest of the world can sort out bitter people like yourself who bash those suffering from real issues to make yourself feel better about your lack of a sex life.

Well, it seems that fucktard is not in blogger's dictionary, but twat is. Weird huh?


Evergreen said...

You go girl! I think you summed it all up very nicely.

These people just don't get anything. Yes, some of Bodhi's comments rubbed me the wrong way, and I wondered about 10 years with no treatment and no adoption plans. But you know what, it's her life and she can approach her IF however she wants. And you know what, it's her blog, and she can say whatever she wants.

They are really really annoying and offensive. And pathetic.

Beautiful Mess said...

GO YOU! I read that, as well and didn't comment. I was very upset that they bullied her the way they did. It's HER life to make whatever choices SHE wants to make. If someone doesn't agree with it, fine, but bashing her isn't the way to go. I hope getting that off your chest makes you feel better.
Thank you for the supportive comments today, I needed them. I'll email you if I have the time, tonight.

Kristin said...

I am horrified by the fucktards and assclowns that write and read that blog. I didn't respond over there because experience has taught me that any responses at all egg them on.

Paige said...

Hi there! I'm a contributor over at The Takedown and I wanted to let you know that you should, all of you, feel free to post comments. We let every single comment through, unless said comment is outing someone anonymous. We don't play that way.

Alison said...

"That must be really hard on you, you tiny peckered little bitch."

Hahah... you said 'hard-on'.