Friday, February 20, 2009

Killing Time

So the Husband and I have made the decision to wait a few months until we start to see a little improvement in the economy before we proceed with the next step in the adoption process, which is forking over a large chunk of cash.

This is more his desire to wait than mine, but I see where he is coming from and I know that we both need to be on board completely for this major life decision. We have discussed that it will just be a few more months at most (unless something horrible happens that we don't foresee) and then we will proceed. I guess that in the grand scheme of things, a few more months is really nothing compared to how long we have been trying.

So, in the mean time, I am keeping myself busy, but not in a way that totally avoids the thought of adoption like I see so many others who are at various stages of the waiting game trying to do. For me this has meant working as much overtime as I can and crafting.

Due to the fact that my thoughts are still very much on being a mother, most of my crafting has centered on this fact. It's a little hard for me to make too much in the way of our own child since we have no idea when this child will arrive or what sex he/she will be, so I have been testing my ideas on co-workers and friends.

These are some of the results. These are doll quilts. They are the perfect size for a small child to wrap their dolls in and are very cute if I do say so myself. These two in particular are for my work partner's 4 yo daughter and 2 yo son. They are a perfect way to see if I enjoy piecing a pattern before committing to a full sized quilt and it turns out that I really enjoyed both of these.

This 9 patch is for M, the 4 (almost 5)yo girl. Like most human females her age, pink is her favorite color. This quilt was made completely from scraps, right down to the batting (pieced from previous project scraps) to the pieced backing. My machine quilting was not the best on this piece, but in my defense it was late and I just wanted it done. Actually, that's not really a defense. More of a pathetic excuse.

This whirlygig is for P, the 2 (almost 3) yo boy. I was anxious to try this pattern and it turns out I do love it as much as I though I would. In fact, I have about 5 more quilts in this pattern planned out in my head and one in the works (baby sized).

I am giving them to the kids tonight, so I hope they love them and enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! I am so have great taste for fabric combinations...that's something I struggle with. I've heard of doing mini-sized quilts with fabric scraps but never heard of it being for dolls, that's a great idea that I'll tuck away for the future.

Beautiful Mess said...

Those are adorable! Good work! I love the idea of having a baby blanket for the doll. Can you make one for the baby doll and one for the "mommy" child to match? I'm sure you can, actually that was a dumb question, sorry. But have you tried that? If so, how did the child like it? I'd love to know. Sorry about my rambling, it's been a LONG day :o)

Third times a charm said...

Thanks guys. I can definitely make a mommy and baby set and will probably need to do that for the little girl in this post. The little boy is happy to just carry it around all day long since he is a blankie lover.