Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting ready for our first IUI

Long time no update. Well, after the depressing cancelled cycle a few months ago, I did a month of BC pills. I used to love my BC pills. Until I went on them I always had really irregular cycles, sometimes 6 weeks long, and horrible cramping when my period actually showed up. Once we decided to start trying and I went off the pill I was worried my cycle would revert back to unpredictable, but amazingly it has stayed at a rather consistent 28-29 days with the rare exception.

In my fond recollections of the pill, I forgot the miserable nausea that accompanied that first month of adjusting. I survived it and was rewarded with a much lighter period and cramps so mild I never even needed Tylenol. Too bad I am over 35 and would rather not stroke out or I would be back on the pill so fast (after having a baby of course) that your head would spin.

I did the Femara for cycle days 5-9 and went in yesterday for my day 12 ultrasound. I had mentally prepped myself for failure so when the wonderful tech (no Dr. McBitch thankyouverymuch) pointed out a few good prospects on my right ovary, I was just a little excited. Of course my underachieving left ovary couldn't contribute, but what can you do.

Both Dr's were in surgery so I was told they would review my scan and have a nurse call me either later that day or the next morning with directions for the next steps. I had been gone from the office for about 30 minutes when Dr. McBitch called and told me that I had two great follicles at 17mm and 18mm and also a giant follicle ready to go at any time that measured 25mm. She suggested timed intercourse for that night and then the Husband was cut off until his "donation" on Friday morning at 8 am. Once we drop that off, we can have breakfast and be back at 9 am for the procedure. He gets to jam a needle in my stomach for the Ovidrel tonight at 9 pm.

They forgot to give me a specimen cup so I have to go to the local lab and swindle them out of one per the Dr's instructions. We live close to an hour away from the office so I need to consult with the Husband and see if he would rather chance an old sample by doing his part at home or an arrest for indecent exposure by finding a secluded parking lot closer to the office. The first time he went through this for testing purposes, we also lived far from the lab and were lucky to be the only ones on an empty level of a parking garage. This office has no parking garage so wish us luck.

I guess I will report back on how the injection went if I don't die from the mere thought of him stabbing me with the needle. I just took the package out of the fridge where it has been sitting since the last cancelled cycle and took a look at the needle. It is sealed up in it's little package and I didn't want to break it open yet, but judging by the cap it is not as big as I had imagined it to be. Still, I get a little light headed just thinking about it.

Wish us luck.

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