Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will this cycle never end?!?

Okay, today is day 32 of this cycle. You would consider the fact that I might be pregnant, but not so according to the pregnancy test, carefully taken with first morning urine yesterday. I have the occasional feeling of pre-periodness, but not a spot or real cramp.

I suppose it could be from re-starting the Femara after a 2 cycle break. It could also be the stress from the loss of my much loved cat, Sam. It's been a little over a week since we came home from work to find that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep in his favorite chair. While I am glad that his end was so peaceful and quiet, I am also devastated over his loss and I am sure this could be tweaking my cycle.

I won't panic until Monday. That's the plan at least.

We had previously decided that if this cycle didn't work that the next cycle would be in vitro, but the Husband thinks he deserves on more shot at getting the job done himself. He is sure that he can do it if he just gets one more chance. Honestly, I am a little afraid to jam that needle into my stomach so if he needs another month to move on, then so be it.

The Wii Fit is everything we had hoped it would be. We are both hopelessly addicted to it. The Husband was all "you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday" at first, but now he is as insane as I am about it. We actually let our take out food sit around and get cold the other night so that we could test before we ate. And you don't have to actually see your weight ever if you don't want to (and I really, really don't, but I hit it once by accident). It will tell you your BMI and then will tell you how much you lost or gained in pounds. Sometimes it will only say you lost or gained a little, but if you set goals it will tell you how much weight you need to loose (or gain I suppose if you don't live in this house) and you can track actual weight loss by remembering that number from day to day. We are averaging about .3 lbs lost per day.

The games and training are insanely fun. We have both mastered several of them and new stuff keeps coming available every time we play. I actually went on a run yesterday and it was not complete torture. Trying to stay behind the other Mii kept me focused on not going too fast and I didn't have time to think about how much I hate to jog. The yoga is fun, but I think I really need the yoga mat to fully enjoy it. I do have to say it is super cute watching the Husband to yoga. He is not the type at all, but he tries so hard and he's not bad at it either.

So far I have set a goal of loosing 2.5 lbs in 2 weeks and succeeded and have now set another goal of 4 lbs in 2 weeks and am working on that. I honestly think the Wii Fit is keeping me on track to eating better. Both the Husband and I have caught ourselves rethinking an eating choice because we are afraid of what the Wii will say to us. It's really mean. Also, seeing my little Mii get all chubby was hard to watch.

I will keep you posted on my Wii Fit progress and if I ever start a new cycle. I keep thinking that if I am not pregnant that I am going to loose a ton of weight after this cycle finally starts. Horrible I know, but ya gotta look at the bright side sometimes.

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