Friday, December 28, 2007


The new OB/GYN is amazing. She is very easy to talk to and wants to take an aggressive approach to getting me pregnant and keeping me that way.

I went and had blood work drawn today for 22 different tests. I almost needed a transfusion after they were done. This blood work was timed to check assorted hormone levels. I can't wait to see if my self diagnosis of low progesterone is right.

Now we wait for the results and for my many other Doctors (as well as the Husband's Urologist) to send over our records for her to review.

She has already told me that barring a freakish result on one of my tests or something in my records that is way off what I told her, that I will be starting Clomid and another injection next month. She sent me home with a folder with info about the treatments. The highlight of the injection is getting to jab a needle completely into my stomach on a daily basis. As much as I hate needles, I am actually excited about the prospect of doing it if it means we can end up with a healthy child in the end. I would do it every day for the next 18 years if I had to.

Had a huge convo with my Grandmother today. I ended up in tears telling them how I feel that I have let them and my parents, particularly my Mom, down by not having a baby yet. She told me that they (my Grandaddy and her) were not sure we were still even trying and that they had accepted that we may not want one.

She also said that my Mom had told her that she still really wants grandchildren but understands that neither my SIL or I may be able to provide that and she has come to terms with that. We also discussed adoption and I feel a lot more comfortable that an adopted child would be treated the same as a child actually born to me. Not that I thought my family would reject an adopted baby, but I had no idea how my Grandparents would feel. I knew they would love the child because that is just how they are, but I worried that they would somehow feel less attached to him or her. I guess I should have known better since my cousin (the son of my Grandmother's older sister. He is closer in age to my mother than to me because my Grandma is the baby of the family) is adopted and he was treated the same as any other Niece or Nephew in the family.

Mostly they just want the Husband and I to be happy and have the family that we want.

I just want to give them a great grandchild while they are still able to enjoy him or her (or both).

Speaking of both, I am secretly happy about the increased chance of multiples that the Clomid will bring. I will be ecstatic to have one healthy baby, but the chance to have two would be a wonderful gift.

I guess we get to see how the deductibles works on our new insurance. I get to pay 10% of every blood test known to man. Can't wait to see how much that works out to be. Luckily my employer reimburses us for the first $2,000.00.

More updates as they happen.

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Future Mommy said...

22 tests?!?!?! Ye Gods - that's a lot! I am so hopeful that Clomid will be your ticket out of TTC hell...and you know what, I'm right with you on multiples. I'm still hoping to get my BFP before going on meds, but if I do, I hope, hope, hope that I'd be one of the small percentage that end up with 2 (or more!) sticky beans...I just love the thought of twins.

Keep us posted on how the test results come back!!!