Monday, November 12, 2007

Not much to report

We are approaching the O, but it is probably still a few days away. Probably right around the time we close on our house this coming Friday. The stress of that has kept my mind off of the stress of our baby making endeavours.

We got the results back from biopsy of "the thing" they removed from the Husband. It is benign like they thought. He is now healed up nicely and has an impressive scar to remember the whole ordeal. We discussed it the other night and though he says he was not expecting much pain, he was really happy with the fact that he had virtually no pain, even without the meds. The worst part for him was the epic vomiting the day of the surgery, most likely due to the anesthesia, and the bit of chafing he experienced right before it was completely healed. My worst part was the epic worry, but that is pretty standard for me.

For my part, I have been trying to resolve my pathetic luteal phase (9 days on average, with a record low of 7 and best of 12) with a daily dose of 100mg of vitamin B-6. I started this on day 5 of my last cycle and it had the effect of moving my already late O day to day 19 from day 17. I was ready to ditch it until it proved itself somewhat worthy by giving me a 10 day luteal phase.

We are giving it one more shot this month to get me to "O" sooner or we are tossing it aside for Clomid. Truthfully, there were only two reasons it got a second chance this month. One was the fact that it did not get a fair shot last month since I didn't start taking it until day 5. Not nearly enough time for it to straighten things out, but this month we are already on day 17 with no confirmed "O". By looking at my chart it might have happened on day 15, but Fertility Friend is not ready to call it and I am not convinced yet. The second reason was that our insurance switched on Nov 1st (cycle day 7) and I need to find a doctor who will at least pretend to give a damn and hopefully has an in-house lab as we now have deductibles.

I might be breaking out the old ovulation detector next month. Might as well get my money's worth from the thing.

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Future Mommy said...

Glad to hear that the biopsy came back clear - even when the docs think everything is ok, it's good to get that confirmation. Congrats on your house, as well!! Perhaps between house and O'ing and no more worries on "the thing", good things will come your way this month!